Considering or planning a vacation to Nuremberg anytime soon? If you answered yes, we’d recommend bypassing the boring hotels and instead of booking your stay with DragonsNest. Don’t get deterred by the name because the accommodation is one of the most highly acclaimed luxury AirBnB in the area and for all the right reasons.

From the amenities to the central location, you get to maximize your luxury trip and make the most out of it. The highlight of this place is the comfortable living experience. Despite being in a different city, you won’t feel away from home staying here.


Besides everything, DragonsNest also offers a quality living experience, especially by providing all the amenities at your disposal. This post will explore more about DragonsNest and why it is worth your time and money.

Why Choose DragonsNest?

The availability of Airbnb stays and hotels is abundant in Nuremberg. So, why should you choose DragonsNest? Besides the comfortable living experience, DragonsNest is equipped with all the luxury amenities that you’d need to amplify your living experience.

Here’s why it is a superior choice over hotels and other BnBs.

  • Well-maintained option

The highlight of the DragonsNest AirBnB is the kind of maintenance it reflects. Every room is well-serviced to ensure that the guests live comfortably during their vacation. From the rooms to the bathroom, you can be assured of the best quality environment without any questions. Each room is also serviced with air conditioning and good light fixtures for comfort and safety.

  • Easy booking

Once you make up your mind about visiting Nuremberg, the booking process for DragonsNest is very simple. This AirBnB spot is available on their official website. Besides that, you can also make your booking via Trip Advisor or Booking. The latter two often have offers that you can avail yourself to reduce your living expenditure for the time that you are visiting the place.

  • Safe and secure

When visiting a new place, living in an Airbnb can seem unsafe. However, with DragonsNest, you won’t have to worry about that. The apartment is in a gated community, which means that your security is never once compromised in the process. Not once will you have to fear for your safety while you are there.

  • Best location

While on a vacation, stay in a place that is close to all the sightseeing and important spots around the city. DragonsNest is located in the heart of the city, meaning that you can easily step out and view around the place and then come back and relax in your AirBnB and then go out again. The major tourist attractions are nearby, making this spot ideal for every tourist in town.

What do you get at DragonsNest?

Now that you have a fair idea about some of the benefits surrounding DragonsNest, let us walk you through some of the amenities that you can avail with this AirBnB spot. Some of them include:

  • Smart Home design

The light switch is remote controlled and some are voice-controlled. There is a 4K TV available inside the house with Netflix and Chromecast support. So, the next time you plan to have a relaxing and chill day by yourself while on your vacation to Nuremberg, you can make it happen at DragonsNest. Some of the renters even rent out the place to work in and conduct photoshoots. You too can leverage those to your benefit.

  • High-speed Wi-Fi

In a world where everyone is connected by the internet, you won’t have to compromise on the internet-connected at DragonsNest. The renters have provided the area with wifi up to 200 Mbit speeds, which is pretty impressive. So, thinking about streaming a movie, you can very well make that a reality.

  • Ultra-modern equipment

The overall design and layout of the building scream ultra-modern aesthetic. It is a very popular and hip spot among the current generation who enjoy hi-tech homes, loaded with all the latest amenities. Each room is equipped with an air conditioner so the guests can have a comfortable living experience without any worry. There is a small balcony and a piano available inside the house too that is open to the guest.


The entire house draws its inspiration from video game houses, which can sound a bit childish but you won’t feel the same when you step inside. There are a lot of video games already available for playing. You also have a giant cuddly panda in the living room that you can cuddle up with.


The next time you plan a trip to Nuremberg, ditch your traditional hotel stays and instead book your stay with DragonsNest. The AirBnB is worth all the hype and enables you to feel at home, even when you are away from home. The booking charges are not very high, making it accessible to the common people.