The use of masks and helmets are both due to safety measures in the world. From the lingering impacts of the pandemic to ensuring safety while driving a bike, you need good face gear for multiple reasons. 

FaceGear offers the users with high-quality helmets and masks that they can buy for affordable prices without any interruptions along the way. The website is fairly new and is based out of Germany. 

They sell their products globally, so you can place an order safely through the website and get your order delivered within a week or two, depending on where you live.


This post will explore more about FaceGear, its features and the kind of products available on the website.

Why Choose FaceGear?

The availability of masks and helmets is not new. There are hundreds of e-commerce platforms that sell these items. So, what makes FaceGear different from the rest? The following features should explain.

  • Availability of diverse face shielding items

When it comes to helmets, you don’t get standard ones at FaceGear. You get unique options that you otherwise wouldn’t find anywhere else. From the staple helmets for your bike rides to the helmets for your role-playing and cosplaying sessions, there are quite a few different options that you can look into.

  • Get access to fashion accessories

It is not often that you come across a face gear website that sells fashion accessories. With FaceGear, that is a possibility. You can find a range of popular accessories that you might need for your varying cosplaying sessions. From the Horse mask ball to the Japanese fox mask, there are several options for you to choose from.

  • Premium quality material

Despite the use of the products, FaceGear never falls short on one aspect and that is the quality. Not once will you have to compromise on the design and the quality of the masks and helmets that you buy. Every product is made with premium quality cotton, neoprene or leather material to ensure optimal durability.

  • Theme-based helmets

Although the standard helmets and masks are very scarce on FaceGear, you do get access to some of the most unique masks on the website. Everything is available as themed products, which is another reason why they have gained so much popularity in a short time. The individual cosplay masks are very realistic looking, so you know that your role-playing session will be a fruitful one. 

  • Secure payment option

FaceGear is a 100% encrypted website, where the users can pay for their orders using PayPal, Amazon Pay, Sepa, Visa and Mastercard. Every single transaction is secure, so you won’t have to worry about falling short with the identity theft that is common with many random and unsafe websites.

What are the Services of FaceGear?

With the basic features out of the way, let us highlight some of the most popular services available under FaceGear. Since the website specializes in helmets and masks, those are the two categories of products that you will find on the website.

  • New Items

The first category of item is where you can browse and look for new and updated designs of the varying masks and helmets available on the website. If you are particularly looking for a specific helmet or mask, you can come back and check if the website added any new one to their collection under this specific category. Remember that since the demand for cosplaying accessories is quite low, the new products aren’t updated regularly.

  • Bestsellers

This category is for the confused souls who aren’t sure which helmets and masks to buy. Under the bestsellers, you can find an array of some of the products that are sold recurringly and restocked quite frequently. It enables you to find a product that suits your needs the best. Also, the bestselling tab is updated quite frequently depending on the sales generated.

  • Blog

The last category on FaceGear is their resourceful blog. This is an extremely insightful category that enables you to learn more about the website and the importance of helmets and masks. Reading the blogs will also highlight the use of these accessories in the role-playing world that you likely didn’t know about.


Besides the bestselling helmets, the available protective masks are printed and match the outfits you are likely wearing. Not just for show, each protective mask offers viral filtration so you can stay safe during the pandemic.


Still, looking for a website that has a good collection of helmets and masks? FaceGear is a website that you can blindly rely on. Every product is made with premium quality materials and is available at an affordable price. Since the website and the business is based out of Germany, we’d recommend that you look out for the international shipping policies before placing the order.