The most professional and verified profiles exist on Twitter and LinkedIn, and if you use both of these you may know that they can be integrated together. Integration plays a vital role in all social media networking sites and allows the users to increase their following and reach and grow their business’s online presence. Be it a celebrity, a multi-million dollars corporation or a new startup owner, the strategies and social networking tactics are accessible to all. Anyone can make use of them to enhance their profile’s visibility and performance.

LinkedIn and Twitter

We strongly believe that both these social networking websites have transformed the way individuals and businesses connect with each other and dig out new opportunities. In this article, we will talk about connecting your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts in order to maximize networking potential – whether it’s in the professional community or among your brands’ target audience. So let’s get started with a quick guide on interlinking one’s LinkedIn and Twitter accounts and its networking benefits.

How to connect Twitter with LinkedIn?

Share tweets that can add value to your LinkedIn connections! Linking your Twitter with LinkedIn accounts can be pivotal in establishing a better profile. To add your Twitter account to your LinkedIn profile, simply click ‘edit profile’ and ‘add twitter account’. This will create a link on your LinkedIn profile which leads directly to your Twitter account and will allow your LinkedIn followers and visitors to easily access your Twitter profile.

How to connect Twitter with LinkedIn

Similarly, in order to share what you Tweet on your LinkedIn profile, all you have to do is enable the ‘share your tweets’ option. It is recommended that you chose the “Share only tweets that contain #in” option rather than allowing every tweet to pop as a LinkedIn status. A couple of status updates a day via Twitter is sufficient for LinkedIn.

Install the LinkedIn Tweets Application

The Tweets Application allows you to visit your Twitter page on LinkedIn just by clicking on the “More” menu tab and then clicking on “Tweets”. To install the application, all you have to is go to “Applications” in LinkedIn, search for the Tweets Application and download!

How to gain maximum benefit from combined platforms?

Linking your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts together is not enough. In order to get the maximum benefit out of these combined platforms, you have to focus on building quality relationships with your connections and audience.

  • Find the right audience – The first and foremost step is to find the users who share a common goal. It is important to identify such users and set them as your target audience. Connect and interact with them regularly, understand their requirements and consistently offer valuable content.
  • Prioritize and track your connections – Make a spreadsheet of your connections and add their Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, track and analyze your audience, their reach, count and growth. This will enable you to identify top influencers in your network.
  • Relate your content – Publishing on one platform and referencing back to it using the other platform is one trick most people miss out on. Publish long articles on LinkedIn and Tweet them in bits, linking back to the article.
  • Use of integration tools – Using integration tools can help you smoothly operate and connect various apps and workflows together. Tools like Zapier and IFTTT (If This Then That) offer such services.

Things to remember when interlinking

Following are some details to remember when interlinking your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

  • It is important to realize that volume and frequency of posting on the two accounts are different. For instance, the hour after you post on LinkedIn is the most crucial hour as it decides the engagement your post receives. The more reach you gain during the first hour, the more are the chances of your posts resurfacing on the feed. Twitter’s algorithm is different and your Tweets have a short lifespan. It is therefore recommended that you post on Twitter more often than on LinkedIn.
  • Twitter also has a word count limit for a Tweet whereas LinkedIn has no such constraints.
  • LinkedIn demands more professional content than Twitter. It is important that your content portrays your professionalism and goes with the audience’s tone on LinkedIn.
  • Double check and carefully tag or mention people on Twitter as it is quite easy to the wrong person on Twitter due to ambiguous usernames.
  • It is often recommended to figure out an ideal time for your posts based on your region and followers. However, if your followers are scattered around the world, you may never find an ideal time to post.

Generating impact

Adding your Twitter handle to your LinkedIn profile is just the beginning. It is key that all of your online materials including newsletters, emails, official website and signatures are held by your Twitter account. Enabling the auto-sharing of Tweets on your LinkedIn account will allow you to skip the hassle of manually sharing each post. Being in a live event, you can share live info, anecdotes and pictures along with the official event hashtag easily on both platforms.

both platforms

Strategies for linked accounts

After linking your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts together, the first thing to align is your goal and the steps to reach that goal. Your goal can be as simple as gaining more followers or as big as generating sales leads via these platforms. Having a crystal clear goal in mind helps you to keep track of the changes in a certain way. You will not only be able to target a niche audience for this purpose but also will be able to prioritize the metrics which are most important.

Being sincere and true to your identity on Twitter and LinkedIn is the most effective way of showing your followers that you are trustworthy. Creating chats and lists makes followers come along, engage and help your profile optimize its way up.

Tools to track the performance

We can vouch for tools provided by Hootsuite, Sprout Social, SocialMedia Examiner and Buffer. They help in critical assessment of all the metrics in a comprehensive dashboard report. Moreover, these tools are useful for scheduling your content according to your followers even after amalgamating Twitter and LinkedIn.

and LinkedIn.

Final Words

Connecting Twitter and LinkedIn and targeting the filtered niche can help you go a long way with reach and engagement. However, the ultimate goal of using a social media channel to grow your presence or brand requires proper analysis for gaining insights and working accordingly. We hope our tips, tricks and insights help you develop a successful presence on the combined platforms!