Twitter is the most prominent and authentic place to find the current affair trends. As such, it remains the center of attention of almost every professional, media-house, firm and politician. This makes it the most reliable and important place to market your product or idea. Twitter has been found to do wonders for professionals and has acted as air under the wings to numerous brands.

Even though twitter stands as one of the easiest websites to use for professional conduct, it still demands developing a proactive strategy before jumping on to it. It’s important to market your product to the maximum possible people and to get in touch with the right individuals. For that you need the right profile with well-sourced content along with a large number of followers.

Twitter Reach

Twitter reach is what users want. To maximize the reach, not only do you need decent audience, you also need your tweets to be of high-quality. Get the right content and post A-plus tweets for increasing the chances of retweets and attention.

In this article, we will discuss some clever steps which you can use to enlarge your Twitter reach.

1.    Understand Your Audience

Understanding your Twitter audience is the key to getting more people to react on what you post. Evaluate your followers, what kind of customers they are and evaluate your brand’s strengths and weaknesses accordingly. Gaining customers’ attention by posting the content they want is tricky. Make sure to make the most out of your research.

Similarly, using the right terminologies and keywords can be effective too. Strategizing your content according to the trends and current affairs in your business domain is also important.

Know How to Listen

There are many ways you can do this. To get deep insights regarding the current trends and business news, tools like ‘Advanced Search’ and ‘Monitoring Tool’ should be explored more.

2.    Communicate Better

There is a popular saying which is meant to be understood and followed i.e. ‘Talk to your followers and not at them’. It is important to acknowledge that your Twitter profile is your brand’s face and whatever you say on Twitter represents your brand. Your brand can be your personal brand or your any business. Your Twitter profile is the core identity of your brand.

Twitter is not a market and you are not meant to promote your business there 24/7. The 80-20 ratio should be critically followed, i.e. 80% engagement and interesting content while 20% brand promotion. Similarly, a 5-3-2 rule is also popular among the Twitter users i.e. 5 relevant posts, 3 non-promotional then 2 promotional.

You shouldn’t be spamming your followers with business content and marketing posts all the time. Twitter is a place to build healthy relations with your customers and other businesses.

Communicate Better

3.    Use Hashtags Effectively

It is essential to perform a considerable amount of research before picking up the right hashtag to link with your tweets regularly. Studies show that it is important to add hashtags to your post as they gain much more attention than the posts without hashtags. It is important to pick the right hashtag for this purpose. If your brand has a certain keyword, make sure to add it to your posts as a hashtag. Similarly, add the other relevant hashtags to your tweets to help your followers and other users to look up your posts.

There are some key rules you can follow while incorporating hashtags in your tweets. Such as:

  • Keep them short.
  • Never use more than three hashtags per tweet.
  • Make them easy to spell.
  • Try adding an original hashtag.
Hashtags Effectively

4.    Tweet at the Right Time!

Twitter is a time-sensitive platform. Understanding when the Twitter traffic peaks in your region can be very helpful. It may seem like a lot of traffic all the time, but some days are busier than others. Similar to television advertisements, Twitter promotions and marketing have also been researched and different algorithms have been developed to study the traffic and engagement of Twitter. As such, you can make most out of your tweets if you are able to pick the right time to post.

Right Time

5.    Add Call-To-Action

You may think that having good content is enough to get the desired number of retweets, but unfortunately that is not the case. Research says that there are several words which, when used in the Tweets, increase chances of getting retweets from the readers. Adding such keywords might be risky and, in some cases, inappropriate too. But people don’t engage with a piece of content just because they feel like it. Tell them what you need from them.

The keywords include ‘help’, ‘retweet’, ‘please’, ‘how-to’, and ‘follow’. Adding such keywords may not be the cleverest thing you can do, but it has been used by many users and is found to be effective in most cases.

6.    Post the correct Length

Twitter is believed to be a micro-blogging platform. People also have the perception that they should not post lengthy content on Twitter as compared to other social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. It would make sense that Twitter content should be shorter than posts on other social networks. Well, not exactly.

Research teams like Buffer and SumAll have found that Twitter is the only platform where you can have a single effective post of up to hundred characters. Tweets which have close to hundred characters have 17% higher engagement chance. Hence, the preferred sweet spot for tweets is between seventy and hundred characters.

correct Length

7.    Add Graphics to Your Content

Who doesn’t love a good picture to see? Everyone loves to drool over aesthetics, digital graphics and the stories you can tell using such images. Adding pictures with your tweets can boost the engagement on your tweets.

Researchers have found that tweets with pictures have thrice the chance of retweets and twice the double likes than the tweets without images. Therefore, do add images, colors and digital graphics to your tweets. It is important to have a relevant image with a tweet as it adds aesthetics to the profile. If the picture is outsourced, it is mandatory to reference the source or it could end up in a copyright strike.

8.    Embrace Personal Connections

Twitter is still a lot about getting social. As a brand it is important to follow related accounts and trends and engage with them. Features like liking other people’s tweets, retweeting and commenting should often be used as it helps other accounts to know your activities and encourages them to post more.

When appropriate, name the person tweeting. It adds more professionalism along with giving a more personal feel to your tweets. Empathy is believed to be a key player for businesses and is deciding factor of whether a brand gets Twitter reach or not. Acknowledge a bad experience your customer may have had with your product, understand their problems and if possible, address their queries as much as you can.