Twitter has become a powerful social media tool these days with almost 335 million active users. This platform cannot be left out and everyone is using it now. The basic question of ‘how many twitter followers do you have’ is a frequently asked question. It is used to either show off or to get an idea of the social standing the other person has.

If used correctly, twitter helps you to develop powerful connections with the public. It allows you to generate new leads, build a good relationship with your customers and provide a good customer service. But you can only benefit from all these if you have enough people to reach.

In this era of bots and algorithms, boosting your twitter reach may be a bit challenging, especially if you are a small business. In a matter of time, you might get frustrated and would want to replicate the big companies that gather followers in no time. This article will tell you 5 ways to expand your twitter reach.

#1. Know your audience

It’s not everyone you want to reach. No, you want to hit the right people in the right places. To do that, you better know what those people would like.

Find out what your audience thinks, get the customer’s views on your competitors and then re-evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses. Target specific keywords and hashtags to know what people are talking about today and update your content strategy accordingly.

Also, it’s always best to provide content that people will like. Don’t make hasty tweets just for the purpose of getting a tweet out there. Your goal is to engage an audience. How can this be done when your tweets don’t even contain genuine content? In fact, this is so risky that it might even backfire and you may lose some hard-gained followers, let alone increase them.

#2. Tweet more often

Compared to Facebook or Instagram, Twitter requires a more aggressive content strategy. Tweets are never enough. Try to tweet between three to seven or maybe even fifteen to twenty tweets per day to become competitive.

Tweet more often

A study shows that users with fewer than 1000 tweets usually have less than 100 followers. Those with more than 15,000 tweets have between 100,000 to 1 million followers. This shows that tweeting more exponentially grows your following on Twitter. People who know this spam tweets all the time, whether they are meaningful or gibberish.

But don’t forget – in this fast paced era, one thing lives today and is gone by tomorrow. So, keep your tweets updated to provide your audience with the latest content.

The lists of tweets that may fill your content calendar is endless. Tweet about buzzworthy stats, breaking news, personal updates, any new thing in the market and so on. Take into consideration the social scheduling software – you can queue up your tweets there and post them when you have time.

#3. Post more visual content

In this modern era, people prefer to see moving content rather than read tweets. Posting more visual content will get you more likes, shares and retweets as compared to those without them.

Add images to your tweets that will encourage the viewers to stop scrolling for a minute and take a good look at the tweet you posted. Of course, the image should be attractive enough to compel viewers to see. Even a simple colorful illustration should do the trick.

visual content

If not an image, consider adding GIFs or short clips to your post. Infographs are also a good idea as they gain three times more shares than any other visual content. As well as publicizing your account, it may also entertain your audience.

#4. Promote your Twitter profile everywhere

Post your Twitter profile on every other social media platform you use. Add your username to the about section on Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr and anything else you have. Just make sure your social media has a social sharing button to make it easier for readers to tell about your content to others.

Customized sharing options it will expand your reach. People just need to add @yourusername every time they tweet something from your site. This simple strategy will help you reach hundreds of more people that you might not have reached otherwise.

Promote your Twitter

#5. Understand the Twitter algorithm

Know the ins and outs of this platform to play with it. Your overall tweet presence matters the most here. Consider some basic questions like how often do you tweet? How many impressions does it get? How much audience do you have to view it? And many more questions that are important.

Twitter considers three factors that decide the rankings: one, when was the tweet published? Because the most recent tweet is the best, whether it has a video or audio or not, depending on how many interactions it received.

Two, who is the author? How is your interaction with the author? How and when did it start? And how often do you engage with each other?

Three, what you liked in the past and how often you use twitter.

The most important thing in understanding the Twitter algorithm is to be social. Tweet often, tweet well, and tweet right. Reach your audience on a regular basis and keep them updated.


In this era, Twitter cannot be ignored. Everyone has a twitter account whether they are a brand, a marketing platform, an entertainer or an industry. Along with this, the competition has also increased with everyone striving to have the best audience. That is why it is important to have a good strategy for doing that.