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Why you should buy periscope followers

Why you should buy periscope followers

PERISCOPE FOLLOWERSFor many years, large corporations together with private individuals have relied on popular platforms to boost their growth. Most focus on the big 3s namely Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. What they don’t fail to notice is a little known app called Periscope.

Periscope is a live video streaming app that’s available for Android and iOS. Four months after the app was launched, it managed to gather as much as 10 million accounts. Users of Periscope can send hearts to creators, similar to Facebook likes.

Scopers can go live using their smartphones or tablet. They can also create short videos in order to reach more audiences. And like all other social media/streaming platforms, those that garner the most interest and attention on the platform get the most opportunities the same way influencers get lucrative business deals with brands.

But in order to achieve success on Periscope, scopers first need to have a lot of followers which is always not easy. A sure way to fast-track their popularity is through purchasing followers. Here are a few ways of buying Periscope followers that can benefit your profile.


Scopers with a lot of followers will notice that their posts or broadcasts will get a ton of comments. This leads to two things. One, will be curious to check out your profile and in turn, lead to more interactions and more followers. And two, getting feedback is a great way to improve your content.


The more followers your account gets, the higher your profile will rank. All the hearts and comments that your posts receive are all accounted for in the algorithm. Profiles that are ranked higher are the ones that have a ton of following, get lots of hearts on all their posts, and receive many comments.


Platforms such as Periscopes are a great way to market a product or a service. Accounts that have a large following are the most likely to receive a call from big brands and businesses to promote their products thus giving scopers a chance to monetize their accounts. But the number one requirement is to have a huge following which can be done by initially purchasing Periscope followers.


There’s no hard and fast rule that says all streaming and social media accounts should aspire to monetize their platform. It could be that some accounts just want to grow their following in order to engage with more people. But that can be a difficult task. To do this, you can buy Periscope followers initially to get the ball rolling. The moment others see your large following count, they will be curious to check out your account.


Followers are crucial if you want to achieve fame and popularity in any social media and streaming site like Periscope. The problem is growing your followers organically is time-consuming. It might take years to reach an acceptable amount of followers to have any significant impact as a scoper.

To bypass this, you can opt for follower purchase. It is a clever and quick way to speed up the process. And it’s not even that expensive compared to the huge financial opportunity you will enjoy once your profile grows big enough.

In order to make your account a little more appealing to viewers, you should spend a couple of time revamping it into an account that’s credible, entertaining, and one that offers a lot of value to an audience. Here are a few tips.


PERISCOPE FOLLOWERSIt might seem counterproductive to advertise an online account through offline means but it can work. Imagine seeing a beautiful poster in the streets about your Periscope account, it will surely draw the attention of passers-by. To take it even further, you can hand out leaflets advertising your profile to strangers.

If they have a Periscope account, they’re bound to check you out. Even if they don’t have an account, seeing a leaflet about it is going to motivate them to sign up to check out your content.


Besides purchasing followers on Periscopes, there are other things you need to do to increase your following and get the attention that you deserve. First work on the quality of videos you post, whether that is through practicing your editing skills or investing more in your camera and audio recording equipment.

Next, work on how you speak to the camera. Make sure you enunciate your words so your audience can catch what you’re saying. What will help is creating a script for your videos that will serve as a guide during your recording.

And lastly, try to upload content regularly. Pick a frequency in a week and try to post new content at a specific time. Let your followers know your upload schedule so they can anticipate when you’ll be releasing new content.




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