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How do I get more followers on Pinterest?
Many people ask themselves how important followers are in relation to their Pinterest account.
In fact, followers are very important, not the only factor that leads to success, but the most important in terms of reach and fame.
Now the question arises, how do I best use my Pinterest account to reach the highest possible number of followers?
This will be explained in the following text.
Be active at least 10 minutes a day:
Daily activity is one of the bases when it comes to building a large fanbase.
Not much is required of them, but if they are planning to increase their reach, they should also be able to take 10 minutes a day to post something and work on their feed.
Follow other users:
If you discover users who are interested in the same topic as you, you can follow them, so you can gather inspiration and add it to your own profile.
If they lick the contributions of other Pinner, so they make in different ways, on their account attentive and reach thereby several people.
If they comment also contributions of other Pinner, thereby they come directly into the personal contact and can reach attention.
In addition, they will most likely also get support if they give support.
Follow your followers back, this helps you to keep newly won followers, because many followers follow you again if they don’t follow you back.
Also look on big pages for users who you think match your profile and follow them, because they will be actively noticed in their target group and have the opportunity to make themselves known there.
Promote your Pinterest account also on other channels:
This means that you can also share the link to your account on your Twitter or Instagram account, so you will get a wider reach and also people from another target group can draw attention to it.

Set goals for your account:
If you look at different accounts that are successful, you will quickly notice that they all follow the same line, that is, they all convey a certain feeling and all postings are based on that feeling, so it is important for you to know in which direction you want to go.
Set your goal and align your posts accordingly, so people will find it easier to follow you, because they don’t have to choose between many factors, they just have to follow a clear guide.

Set up your profile properly:
You should set up your profile, i.e. profile picture and biography, properly, because this is the first insight that potential followers have into your new profile and this also decides whether they follow you or not.
You should use a nice profile picture and add a link to your website in addition to your information in your biography.

Create a plan for your postings:
It doesn’t help if you create an account and post to it without a plan.
Behind every account there should be a certain idea and therefore a strategy behind it.
There are a few points you should keep in mind if you want to be successful.
That would be for example the posting of balanced contents.
These should all be related to each other in a certain way, but also show variety.
Then you should make sure that you post in a regular period of time, you should make sure that you do not spam your followers, but you should not post too little, otherwise you will be forgotten.
If you are just at the beginning, one pin a day should be enough. However, if you are a successful company that already has a presence, you should reckon with significantly more pins a day, and it makes sense to give someone the extra task of taking care of your Pinterest profile.

You also need to realize that Pinterest is a visual platform, you can work through text, but the main focus should be on the visual.
You should also try to increase your commitment to Pinterest.
So you should start by sharing your experiences with other users via the comment function.
You can also send requests to different boards and ask if you can publish something, so you can quickly make a name for yourself and gain authority.
You should also always pay attention to the time at which you publish your contributions.
Early morning and early evening are the best times of the day. Saturday is the best day to publish something.