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Already 106 million people use Linkedin, so the importance of this portal becomes very clear: The social business network can prove to be very helpful if you work in a field of the digital industry.
But also for LinkedIn there are some rules which you should follow to be successful, here are the most important steps to use the portal meaningfully:
How can I use LinkedIn effectively?
LinkedIn can be used in different ways and combined with different applications.
You can use it from an address book to a complete CRM solution.
This article describes simple ways and principles to define if you want to use LinkedIn in a meaningful and effective way.

Make yourself clear what you want to achieve:
Do you only want to manage old contacts or be actively found? Do you create a real or a virtual one? These are short questions that everyone should ask themselves before starting.
How important is your privacy to you?.:
Make yourself aware of what you want to allow.
Do they want you to be able to google them and find pictures of them, or are they reluctant to do so?
These are questions you should ask yourself at the beginning.
The page therefore offers a Din A4 page to determine this on the basis of some parameters.
It is worth to inform yourself well before you start.

Shorten your URL:
Make your profile even more professional by creating a so-called Vanity URL.
Create a button for your website, email or blog:
If people come across your blog and find it interesting, they can directly access your profile with just one mouse click, which saves time and gives them more traffic on your site.

Give your links a nicer appearance:
You have the ability to customize links, which will give your profile a more personal touch and also attract more attention.
So think of something exciting or extravagant for your link.

Optimize your account for SEO:
You can also do this with LinkedIn, simply enter terms that belong to your profession.
Thus, they are always ranked higher if someone explicitly searches for these terms.
Show your qualifications:
Especially when you are looking for a job or working with people, it is helpful to insert small working copies as a picture or video to give people a clear overview.

Use LinkedIn resume:
LinkedIn is most often used when looking for a job, so you can take advantage of converting your profile into a resume and saving it as a PDF with just a click of the mouse.

Job search:
The platform always suggests jobs that might suit you, make use of this offer and let them inspire you.
Use endorsements.
The platform has recently started offering to present its best skills in one place.
So visitors can quickly and easily get an overview of their skills.
Use the InMail function to contact others:
In the Premium version, there is this option, you can send a mail to contacts you are not connected to, this can be very useful and help to make completely new contacts.

Stay informed:
Similar to Facebook or Twitter, you should be up to date here too, you can constantly retrieve messages from your contacts and groups so you don’t miss anything.

Draw attention to yourself:
Decorate your profile as much as possible so that other users can get a picture of you.
Find old contacts again.
You can discover old or already existing contacts via your email and thus establish a large network with your friends.

Use the Advanced Search opinions.
Here you can find out which contacts you are linked to where, just activate the filter in the search bar and get your results quickly.

Link to Twitter.
They can also share their status via Twitter, so they spread their account and make several people aware of their qualifications also on other platforms.

They also use links in their status:
Because you can recently mention people with an @ in your messages, the mentioned person then gets a message.
This is a very good option to get in contact with other users and to stimulate the exchange.
Especially now in the time of online marketing and digitalization you should try LinkedIn, because especially in the DACH area, this network is growing very fast.
Here you get good results with advertisement content due to less competition.
You can also achieve very good leads there.