LinkedIn is the place where you can make your business go from local to global. People who have used LinkedIn successfully and have made their brands stand out. If you believe staunchly in the power of LinkedIn to make businesses soar, that belief is well-placed.

However, it’s not easy to truly make your business visible in the eyes of the LinkedIn world. To truly make your business stand out from the millions of businesses enlisted on the website, you need to make your posts engaging.

While it is no herculean task to create engaging posts, it does take a fair bit of commitment and knowledge. Knowing how to create posts that inspire interest, encourage readers to click on the post and learn more can be very useful. And a few extra tips never hurt anybody!

4 secrets to increasing clicks on your LinkedIn posts

LinkedIn Posts

If you want people to click on your posts and like and comment on them, here are some secrets that you would want to know. Read on to find out how you can create stellar posts on LinkedIn that help your business flourish!

1.      Tell a story

Humans naturally gravitate towards stories. Our brains are hardwired to be attracted by something that we can relate to. From children begging their parents to put them to sleep with a bedtime story, to marketeers earning millions by grabbing attention of their audiences through compelling stories about their businesses; story telling is a part of our DNA.

Tell the story of your brand

In order to grab the attention of your readers, you need to do the same. Present your brand in the form of a story. Tell your readers where your company started from and what the motivation behind it was – chapter by chapter. Show them where you started from, where you are now and where you dream to be.

Humanize your brand

People love things they can relate to and can see themselves in. Humanizing your brand is a very successful marketing strategy employed by billions of social media marketers. And there is no better way to do that than by telling people more about your company. Giving people insights about the internal functioning your company will pique their interest in the post as well as your business.

Trigger a positive emotional response

Why do stories sell so well and why are they such an important marketing strategy?

Stories trigger the human side of readers and inspire emotions. This is their most vital selling point. This is why when you present the story of your brand through social media, there are some things that you need to consider:

  • Every story has a protagonist who is commonly the hero. You don’t need to unnecessarily idolize the hero or heroes of your brand’s story, but make sure you show what impact they created through their work.
  • Make it easy to understand. The whole point of presenting your brand’s story is to evoke the emotions of the people. If the post uses too many fancy words, it will take attention away from the message.
  • Reflect values that are important to your brand’s goals in your story and make sure these values resonate with the values of your readers.

2.      Be smart with choosing visual aids

You may have heard social media marketeers talk about how important visual prompts are in bringing clicks to a social media post. On other platforms like Facebook and Instagram, creativity and thinking out of the box is rewarded. The brighter and shinier your post looks, the more clicks it will get.

Use informative visuals

However, the LinkedIn audience is a little different. LinkedIn users favor information over buzz-words and pretty pictures. The more credible and informative your post looks, the more likely it is to get more clicks. At the same time, that does not mean that you have to make your posts dull and dry.

The most engaging content is the one which offers a good amount of information in a fun and interesting way. And when it comes to presenting information in easy to read and interesting ways, visual aids go a long way.

Here are some types of visuals you can use in your post to encourage interaction on LinkedIn:

  • Bar charts
  • Pie charts
  • Scatter plots
  • Diagrams

The best part about statistical charts like these is that they don’t have to be dull and dry. You can make them colorful and easy to read for people of all educational levels quite conveniently.

Faces are attractive

Human psychology shows that we are naturally attracted to faces. Something about looking at a post with a relevant person’s picture on it makes it look more accessible and relatable to us. Our brains have a soft corner for people’s faces. This is why using a picture of someone relevant to the post as its cover is going to attract more clicks than using a clipart or diagram. However, on the downside, pictures of irrelevant people often do not have the same effect so it’s best to stick to relevant people only.

Faces are attractive

Aside from that, another benefit is that if the post is about a person – an interview, an introduction, an appraisal, a story or a memoir – many people from your audience may not recognize the name. Their picture may help them place the person and encourage them to click on the post.

3.      Don’t be monotonous

We have all sat in classrooms trying to keep our eyes open where the teacher would go on for hours and hours in a monotonous voice. Even the most interesting content becomes boring when presented in the same way over and over again. While many people who aren’t big LinkedIn users may feel like the website is all about drab monotonous classroom content, in reality, it is anything but that! On LinkedIn, you need to find a balance between the hyper-creativity of entertainment social media and the boring side of the corporate world.

Add variety to your posts

To make your posts look appealing to your audience, make sure you add different varieties of them. Your account should not be filled with just one type of posts. Adding several different types of posts keeps your business looking fresh and gives users information packed in different ways.

Here are some types of posts that you can alternate between on your account:

Blog posts

Blog posts are a great way to give your readers information in a fun to read way. When posting blog posts, introduce them with a personal comment. Hearing what someone else is saying about a post often makes one want to have a look at it as well.

If your business is highly academic and analytical, blog posts are a great way to lighten up the mood. They are written in a way which is engaging and easily understandable by people from various backgrounds; thus, increasing the overall accessibility of your account.

 Research and industry news

Sharing posts which talk about important and relevant research results and case studies are a sure way of increasing the credibility of your business account. Posts like these send the message to your readers that your business values information and authenticity.

Also, sharing the latest industry news also puts you at a good position. You can show your readers that you are an active business and stay up to date with the latest happenings in your industry.

How to’s and lists

How to’s and lists do very well in terms of attracting likes and comments. They are also a great tool to increase clicks on your posts. People love these types of posts because its easy to quickly scan them and get the desired information.

4.      Accessibility & Readability


This is a very important strategy in increasing engagement on your account. If you want to increase likes and comments and want people to click on your posts, you have to make sure they understand them. If you use fancy business jargon in your posts, there is no way a person will look at it and want to know more. At best, they will be intimidated by you. But that will not encourage them to like, comment or make an effort to read the post.

Here is how you can make your posts more accessible for your readers:

Ditch company jargon

When writing a post, make sure you ditch all the jargon and use simple everyday words. This might sometime be a little tricky. We become very accustomed to a certain kind of language in the work field. As such, we often don’t realize that it would take effort for an outsider to understand what we’re trying to say.


So, when writing, put yourself in the shoes of an 11 year old. Write so that what you’re trying to say is understandable by a person who has no prior knowledge of your field.

Explain regular concepts

In your post, if you happen to refer to an oft-mentioned concept, casually insert a very brief explanation of the concept too. For someone who is completely new to the concept, your content will feel more inviting because it will address their lack of knowledge with respect. At the same time, for someone who is already familiar with it, the explanation won’t feel repetitive because it will be very brief.

Use bullet points

Use bullet points

Bullet points and sub-headings are a great way to make your content even more accessible. People do not like reading big chunks of text. Especially now, in a world where attention spans and idle time have both dropped exponentially, people prefer having information which is formatted in an easy-to-consume way. With bullet points and sub-headings, you can easily skim a large amount of text and understand what exactly it is talking about.


If you’ve followed till here, you must know several ways to make your posts more attractive to your audiences.
While all of these tricks are important, the foundation of your account stands on the value of the content you are creating. If you keep on giving good quality content to your audiences, you will develop a level of credibility and trust which will benefit your reputation among your followers in the long run.

Posting on a regular basis and keeping your audience up-to-date with important events in your company is also important. Furthermore, the purpose for which LinkedIn originally existed – creating connections – is an important point to focus on to improve your overall standing in your field.

We hope this post helped you gain some insight into how the LinkedIn audience thinks and that these tips help you bring clicks to your posts!