Advertise on Instagram Stories

For all those moments that do not deserve a permanent spot on your profile but are nonetheless worthy of an audience, “Instagram Stories” are the ideal platform. This feature allows the user’s photos and videos to be visible for 24 hours only. If used properly, Instagram Stories on one’s personal or business account can be the way to Instagram fame and glory!

Do you have a new Instagram account and you can’t wait to hit that 1000 followers mark immediately? Have you been going through that dreaded zero activity phase on your existing account? You may think Instagram Stories may be the answer to all your problems. If an Instagram Story has a “sponsored” label, you can immediately tell that this is an ad and not a story posted by the people you are following.

The sad truth is that the moment a viewer realises that they’re watching an ad, they’re most likely to swipe away. No need to worry though; our 7 tips on advertising on Instagram Stories will get you followers and boost your business in no time.

1.   The Text in Your Advertisement Should be Precise and Concise

You want your audience to know exactly what you want. Keep it quick and simple. Remember, your audience is likely to be very uninterested in watching a random ad. That gives you a mere few seconds to grasp their attention.

What You Need To Do

Your audience’s time is always precious and you do not want to be the one who wastes it.  If you end up writing an essay, they will immediately swipe away from it.

  • No long stories about inspirations, histories, procedures or anything of the sort
  • Make sure that the text is easily readable and obvious
  • Keep it short and striking

Additionally, if you go for the more decorated and cursive fonts, you are going to have a hard time getting attention. It doesn’t take your audience more than a few seconds to realise that the story is an ad and swipe and from it. Best to keep it natural!

Additional Suggestion

Add a link to your Instagram Story. This will lead your viewers to swipe up and visit your website. So your viewers will directly be led to where you want them to be.

2.   Use Carousel Instagram Stories Ad Format

These make it relatively easier if you have a lot of content to show in your ad. This allows more than one photo or image to be advertised in your Instagram Story. The user can see up to 3 cards before going for the “Expand Story” feature to see the rest. Here’s what you need to know:

  • These ads comprise of three images or three 15 second videos
  • Your ad is hence divided into sequences
  • The first three cards need to be extremely captivating so the viewer is tempted to see the rest
  • The users still have the discretion to swipe away from it
  • Instagram Stories Carousel Ads have been reported to engage a bigger audience

3.   Reflect Your Blog’s Theme and Aesthetic in Your Instagram Story Ad

Reflect Your Blog

This may not be rocket science but many a times, users get distracted and end up opting for “catchy” advertisements that do not have anything to do with their blog.

What is Your Blog About?

Do you have a fashion blog or a lifestyle one? Does your blog revolve around art or food? Your advertisement should reflect the content of your profile.

For instance, your advertisement shows a person walking on the beach and your profile is full of car reviews. The audience lured by the beach advertisement will not hesitate to swipe away from your blog. Such an advertisement can end up being useless for you.

Things to keep in mind while designing your Instagram Story for advertisement purposes:

  • Your profile aesthetic has to be present in your advertisement.
  • Keep the ad’s colour scheme similar to that of your main theme.
  • Your ad should cover the relevant subject matter only

Consider the Following:  

If your blog is about flowers, your ad is pointless if it does not illustrate anything about flora. A black and white photography blog with a colourful Instagram Story as an ad is surely misleading and fruitless. If you attach other things with your subject matter, you will not be able to capture the attention of your audience. We repeat, your viewer just needs one little temptation to swipe away from your story!

4.   Never Compromise on the Quality of the Images and Videos Used in Your Ad

Your Ad

Going HD in your stories can help make an impact on your viewer.

Think about it. You are surfing through your stories and a blurry, dull and pixelated image pops up. Would you be curious about the subject of that advertisement? The answer is essentially no.

Essentials to Keep in Mind

Stories may be temporary but in some cases that can be more helpful, if the following factors are kept in mind:

  • Manage your Stories to limit them to 1080px by 1920px if you do not want Instagram to crop or magnify your content
  • Use good lighting and colour composition to make the Story visually appealing
  • Avoid excessive hashtags to avoid being mistaken as a spam

5.   Your Instagram Story Advertisement is Incomplete Without Your Trademark

Story Advertisement

Your Instagram Story should be marked with your logo or trademark. This will allow your audience to associate your advertisement with your brand immediately.

  • It acts as a mark of identity in your advertisement
  • The more popularity your trademark gets, the more followers are likely to recognise you with it
  • It protects you from copyright infringement, and you are the only one to enjoy the benefits of your ad

Why Is it Important to Have Trademarks in Your Instagram Story Advertisements

Trademarks are effective tools when it comes to communication. If your Instagram Story advertisement does not contain your trademark, your audience is likely to have doubts about your product, company’s legality, reputation etc.

They will make it infinitely easier for potential and loyal customers alike to find you. As the world becomes more digitalized every day, using trademarks in your Instagram Story Advertisement is an ideal way to stand out amongst your competitors.

6.   Music Will Never Fail You

Music generally attracts a lot of attention so using it in your advertisements is likely to appeal your audience. This is because people naturally jump on such bandwagons. A trending music playing at the back of your advertisement can attract viewers to review your advertisement and the related content.  Do consider the following:

  • Avoid music that does not go with your aesthetic
  • Do not go for music that is considered to be too dark or offensive since you do not want to offend a possible follower
  • Use music that is lively and captivating
  • Your music should reflect your audience. Heavy metal for an advertisement related to babies will undoubtedly drive your audience away

7.   Know Your Audience

Know Your Audience

You need to know who your target audience is in order to ensure the success of the advertisement.

All of this, of course, depends on the dent you are willing to make on your bank account as well. Furthermore, do not forget that a lot of advertisements in a limited time can give out a negative effect. You do not want to nag your viewer. Instead, be smart about it and hit the bull’s eye in your first attempt.

Who Is Your Audience?

Is the majority of your audience limited to a specific age group or a geographical location? Does your audience prefer political content? Is your audience most active at a specific time? Pondering over such factors will help you decide the best way to launch the advertisement.

For example, it can help you to decide whether posting your advertisement for three days amongst a smaller audience is a better alternative than having a one day advertisement for a greater audience.


The present era thrives on technology and social media. Instagram is one of the world’s leading social media platforms today. Advertisement through its story feature is a prime example of how followers can be kept thoroughly engaged. It is not only flexible and easy to use, but it has also been proven to be an effective way to engage viewers, regardless of their temporal and geographical differences.

These 7 tips will definitely help you in evolving your Instagram account for the better. With many features and options available at your hand, we believe advertisements through Instagram Stories are the most convenient option for an Instagram user.