Fashion trends are consistently evolving and changing. What people liked in the 90s are not what people like in the 2020s. Things are changing and the shifts in fashion are quite pronounced. Currently, social media trends have popularized the concept of streetwear and cyberpunk fashion. Yllusion is one of the best holistic online brand.

The dark, grungy and metallic look is something that every person across the world is looking to attain. But, let’s be real, there’s no easy way to switch to a fashion, especially if you don’t have an idea where to start.


Yllusion is where you start. The website operates from Germany and makes cyberpunk fashion a lot more accessible to the common people. We wouldn’t say that the pieces are affordable but they are reasonably priced for the hype they have surrounding them.

This post will explore more about Yllusion, and the features and categories of clothing you can find on the website.

What are the Features of Yllusion?

Nothing complicated, you get access to some of the best quality, slow fashion streetwear, rave and cyberpunk fashion on Yllusion. The website isn’t a very popular one yet, especially because it hasn’t been long since it was launched.

That aside, you do get access to a variety of clothing and apparel items on the website, which makes it a worthy choice to look into.

Some of the notable features of the website are:

  • Access to the latest fashion trends

People are shifting towards casual and streetwear more in their day to day lives. With Yllusion, you can tap into the latest fashion trends and buy them according to your size. Every product that you buy from the website comes to you as it’s advertised. So, not only do you get your hands on premium-quality clothing, but you also get to tap into the latest fashion trends from the comfort of your home.

  • Visual treat

With any clothing website, you want to buy products that attract your attention. With Yllusion, you can make that a reality. Every single product on the website is modelled and put up as an advertisement. This ensures that you aren’t buying the products blindly without knowing how they would look when you wear them. This makes the buyer’s journey a lot seamless and fruitful by the end.

  • Diverse fashion categories

Although Yllusion is popular for its cyberpunk fashion items, they also host a variety of other fashion choices and clothing items. This enables everyone with varying clothing choices to buy what they feel like. Ideally, we’d recommend that you browse through all the categories before shortlisting the items that you think you’d be comfortable wearing.

What are the available Categories on Yllusion?

Before you think that Yllusion is only for cyberpunk fashion, let us correct your misconception. The website provides the users direct access to a variety of fashion choices, including the ones we will highlight below:

  • Rave Fashion

Attending a techno rave shortly? You can find your dream clothing item under this category. The options are limited at the moment but they are fashionable to fit into the category of rave they you are likely on the hunt for. From sequined skirts to dazzling bomber jackets, there are a lot of items that you can consider looking into. 

  • Techwear

This is a hit or miss among the buyers. The futuristic sci-fi fashion is very popular among cosplay enthusiasts but wearing it in an everyday setting is not something every user is comfortable with. If you like dressing in all black like a gaming character out of an action game, this is the category for you. Techwear is quite sleek and mostly features all-black clothing items with an edgy and grunge look to them. You can also find glow in the dark acrylic bracelets in this category.

  • Japanese Streetwear

A public favorite, streetwear is a category that is soon going to take over globally. So, if you enjoy this category of fashion, we’d recommend that you look into this category. The pieces feature graphics, prints and a whole lot of black and graffiti. The loose-fitted clothes make a perfect addition to the comfort level, especially during the harsh summer months.

  • Cyberpunk fashion

Last but the bestselling category on Yllusion is cyberpunk fashion. It is a mix between techwear and streetwear. Although quite a popular choice of clothing, they aren’t the most wearable pieces in the public. However, if you are into cosplay, you could gravely benefit from the items available under this category. The choices are no doubt quite diverse.



With such a diverse range of fashion trends and clothing items and accessories, Yllusion is soon going to grow to different heights. If you were considering buying from them, we’d recommend looking into this detailed post before you go ahead and make your final purchase decision.