Although cosplaying isn’t a mainstream profession and hobby in most other countries, Germany is one step ahead in the game. The concept of cosplay isn’t taboo in the country and thus houses some of the most influential cosplayers in the world.

Nekodanshi is Germany’s popular influencer agency for cosplayers. If you are on the hunt for a highly acclaimed cosplayer for your brand deals and promotions, Nekodanshi makes the connection easy and streamlined.

Although the website and the concept behind the business are fairly new, we have fairly high hopes for the platform. Hence, let us look more into Nekodanshi and their services.


Nekodanshi and their services

  • Bridging the Gap in the Cosplay Industry

If you are new to the cosplay industry, finding reliable and experienced cosplayers can be a hassle. This is where Nekodanshi steps in. Their services enable brands and cosplaying event managers to get contacts with potential cosplayers in the vicinity. With easy contact bridging, the hiring process is a lot more seamless than you anticipate.

Given that cosplayers aren’t available in abundance, finding a reliable and experienced cosplayer for a prestigious event can be difficult. Nekodanshi steps in to eradicate that problem from the root. With their registered list of cosplayers, clients and customers can directly approach them to hire a suitable cosplay for their individual needs.

  • Supporting Cosplayers with Resources

Not just for the clients looking to hire good cosplayers, Nekodanshi also provides the same level of assistance to their registered cosplayers on the platform. Despite your experience and expertise, Nekodanshi offers direct access to the budding cosplayers with a wide range of resources and support that enables beginner cosplayers to take their career to the next level.

They act like an agency, which streamlines the work process for the cosplayers based out of Germany. Nekodanshi currently deals with local cosplayers around Germany. So, if you are in that area, you can register on the platform for further assistance and possible work in the future.

  • Event-based Cosplayer Hiring

Since the concept of cosplaying is still fairly new, it isn’t surprising that most hiring agents aren’t even sure where to start their search. Nekodanshi makes the process a lot more organized and seamless, especially without any knots and obstructions along the way. 

Nekodanshi’s resources and work aren’t just for the clients but prioritize the needs of the cosplayers too. So, with the right training and resources, they work on improving the skills of their registered cosplayers so that their hiring process becomes a lot more seamless for the individual events.


What are the Services available with Nekodanshi?

With the basic features of the website out of the way, let us walk you through some of the highlighted services offered under Nekodanshi:

  • Booking cosplayers

If you have an upcoming photoshoot event and photoshoots for cosplayers, Nekodanshi makes everything a possibility. The enquiry and booking process is quite seamless and organized, especially if you are a hasty client that wants to make their booking last minute. Also, every registered cosplayer with Nekodanshi has optimal experience in the field to offer the best and expected results for the clients.

  • Support collaborations

Not just for events, several popular brands and companies seek experienced and professional cosplayers for their brand promotions. If you are looking for such an arrangement, Nekodanshi can take care of that as well. With their extensive database of cosplayers, finding the right fit as an influencer for a particular brand is nothing but a cakewalk. The agency specializes in connecting the right brand with the right cosplayer for optimal results out of the campaigns.

  • Tips and guidance

Another highlight feature of Nekodanshi is the teaching and resources. Even when you are associated with Nekodanshi as a professional cosplayer, your learning experience will never stop along the way. The developers of the agency take care of that and provide trending learning modules to the cosplayers to make their learning experience a fruitful one.

  • Act as an intermediary

When hiring cosplayers independently, comes with a lot of stress and downsides. With Nekodanshi in the middle, you have someone responsible for the cosplayers you are hiring. In case something goes wrong or the service isn’t up to the mark, Nekodanshi sorts out the hassle from their end so no involved party loses their money.

Nekodanshi also takes care of the contract negotiations and the marketing tips and advice that the individual cosplayers would need along the way. We’d still recommend each party read their contracts in detail before signing.


If you are a professional cosplayer or a brand looking for a cosplayer, Nekodanshi is your trusted influencer marketing agency to look into. They are based out of Germany and currently operate with professionals around Germany only. So, if you have the skill and expertise, register on their platform to get yourself booked for photo shoots and promotions.