The incidence of the pandemic has paved the way for masks. What was a norm across certain parts of Asia has now become a staple necessity for people across the world. Wearing a good-quality mask is not just to protect yourself but the people around you.

Massky is a premium online store that sells high-quality and printed masks to people globally. The website and the business are run out of Germany but they offer international shipping. Besides masks, you can also buy high-quality and comfortable fabric t-shirts from the website.


If you are considering buying from them, read this guide to familiarize yourself with the website and why they are one of the best around.

Features of Massky

The need for good-quality yet fashionable facemasks is the need of the hour. People are often sceptical about wearing the same old and boring surgical masks because they don’t complement the outfit they have on.

Massky bridges that gap and offers the users access to high-quality and premium design masks that are fun, protective and feature quirky designs.

Following are some of the highlighted features of the website:

  • Premium quality masks

Although most people use masks as a fashion statement now, we can’t forego the protective quality of this accessory. With Massky, you bridge fashion and protection together. Like most of the protective masks available in the market, Massky offers the same level of protection but with quirky designs and pattens on them. 

  • Easy shipping process

With masks, you can’t delay the arrival of the product. So, Massky prioritizes the shipping process for each of their orders. Everything is available quickly within a week or two after the order is placed. If you are in Germany, you can get your order delivered before the end of the week. It might take some time for international shipping.

  • Organized website appearance

Another factor about Massky that makes it stand out is its navigable website. You have a few options to purchase on the homepage and then you have the rest categorised into individual categories. This makes the buying process a lot seamless and easy. Also, the payments are secure, so you won’t have to worry about a third-party system getting access to your personal information when you place the order.

  • Easy return and refund policy

If you don’t like the product once it’s delivered to you, Massky offers you complete autonomy to return the product without any questions asked. Also, damaged products can be returned immediately. Once the return parcel is received, the customers will get their refund immediately.

What are the Available Categories under Massky?

With the features out of the way, let us focus on the available categories of products. Here’s what you can find on the website:

  • New Items

If you like staying up with the trend and looking into new designs and additions, this is the category for you. Since Massky is an extremely popular and in-demand website, they do update their designs quite frequently. So, a quick browse and refresh should give you access to some of the most recent launches available on the website.

  • Bestseller

Under the bestseller category, users can have direct access to some of the bestselling masks and t-shirts on the website. The category is haphazardly organized, especially depending on which products are selling the most at the moment. We’d highly recommend that you look into this category if you aren’t sure which products to buy from the first look.

  • Children

With most of the online mask selling websites, the issue that people run into is not having access to high-quality and printed masks for children. With Massky, you won’t have to worry about that since they have a dedicated category selling masks just for children. There are age-specific masks that you can look into for your kid. Also, the prints are fewer grunges and more on the cute and kawaii side.

  • T-shirts

Last is possibly the most unrelated category but you can also buy printed t-shirts on Massky. The prints are almost similar to what you get on the masks, which is pretty handy, especially if you like to match your attire with the masks you are wearing. The t-shirts are size-inclusive, and they are shipped internationally, so you shouldn’t face any issues ordering them.


Besides these, Massky has a dedicated category for blogs where you can get fashion tips, trend alerts and updates that you can match with your ongoing fashion aesthetics if you want.


Massky is one of the most popular online shopping websites for masks and cute printed t-shirts. So, if you were looking for a reliable and fast shipping eCommerce platform, this is where you can look into it. Ideally, we’d recommend placing the order a few weeks ahead of time, especially if you are ordering internationally.