We live in a world where numbers speak volumes. A social media influencer or a brand with 100,000 followers is a lot more trusted and valued than an account with 10,000 followers. That’s how people role. This article contains all the information about Influmos.com Review – Gain Likes, Follows, Views and Comments on your Social Media Accounts

Since social media is gradually becoming a more mainstream source of income for people, it isn’t surprising that influencers and brands are consistently looking for easy and quick ways to grow their following.


Influmos bridges that gap and makes it a reality. With their services, you can flourish on your social media accounts to promote your services, brands and products. Unlike most of the similar “free likes and followers” services, with Influmos, you get real and active followers and engagement.

Over time, Influmos has become a reliable platform among most budding micro-influencers who want to enhance their credibility across multiple social media platforms. Let us explore more about Influmos.

Influmos Features

Influmos, although a fairly new service, has gained immense popularity in a short period and we have the features to thank for that.

  • One-stop solution

The highlight of this platform is that it covers every social media platform, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. You can avail of their packages and increase your social profile numbers and engagement without any hassle. They also provide customizable packages for buying likes and followers on individual social media platforms that you can follow.

  • Hassle-free usage

Influmos is currently only a web-based platform. They don’t have any mobile applications. However, the good thing is that their website is minimal and easy to use. Everything is sorted, making it easier for you to visit the website and then select the package you want to avail yourself of for your social media growth.

However, although the platform doesn’t have any mobile application, its web-based website is mobile-optimized. So, users can directly access the website from their mobile and place the order for the individual likes or follower packages from their smartphone.

  • Safe and secure

Being aware of “bot” likes and follower services is common. With so many fraud and scam services lingering on the web, you need to be mindful of where you put your money. With Influmos, you won’t have to second-guess your investment. You get your money’s worth without violating your safety and privacy.

  • Instant results

If you are curious about the bought followers and likes, Influmos understands the social media algorithm. To ensure that their customer’s social media accounts aren’t flagged for suspicious activities, every like and follower and YouTube subscriber is included strategically. Not once will you notice any unusual activity or spike in the account’s engagement.

Also, unlike most of the services selling social media likes and followers, you get real and active likes and followers with Influmos. None of the followers is bots or inactive accounts. With the right strategies and content, you too can grow your social media account in no time at all.

How does Influmos Work?

If you are new to the social media world, especially with influencer marketing, it is okay to second-guess growing your account inorganically.

Is the process legal? Is it worth the time and effort? Does Influmos provide bot accounts?

There are a lot of questions that linger in people’s minds and rightfully so. However, the good thing is that Influmos is a legally certified and registered service provider. The platform works legally and without any level of scam or fraudulent practices as many often highlight.

Also, every like, follower, view and comment on Twitter and other social media accounts that the platform provides is a genuine and active account. None of them is bots, which was one of the most alarming concerns among budding social media influencers when they started buying followers in the early days.

The platform is 100% genuine and gives you your money’s worth, especially because its reputation depicts reliability. With more followers, views, likes and engagement, it becomes easier to be picked up by brands in real-time.

They have a step-by-step purchase process:

  • Once you are on www.influmos.com, you can navigate and scroll down to find the social media that you want the services for.
  • For example, if you want to buy followers for Instagram, scroll down and click on the tab.
  • This redirects you to the next step where you can customize your order. You can select the number of followers that you’d like to buy. In the customization space, you can also select the demographics of followers you want to add.

Once done, you can confirm the order, make the payments and wait for the service to add the desired followers to your account.

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Influmose is an affordable, easy to use platform that allows you to grow your social media account quickly, albeit in an inorganic way. However, with the reliability factor and the active accounts and engagement, you can start to see notable improvement in your online presence.